About Us


Insuring your health, your life, your future.

buildingImagesFrom our very first client in 1981, we learned that what was important to clients was being there for them when they needed us, and finding answers to fix their insurance problems.

Our approach to serving you today is still the same. At The Rauser Agency, we believe affordable health insurance is a key ingredient for “fiscal fitness.” We also know how hard it can be for consumers to make sense of complex insurance policies on top of ever-changing regulations.

We believe the value of your health insurance coverage is enhanced by our ability to inform. Opening two new conveniently located offices is one way we hope to elevate our ability to educate clients. We’ll still be on site with client groups conducting employee meetings. But we’ll also be available in our “stores” for one-on-one consultation with employees and spouses.

And for those not so fortunate to have coverage through their employer— considering that The Affordable Care Act now mandates the purchase of coverage—we believe our new stores may serve as your (health) insurance home.

Insurance helps build the foundation for your fiscal well-being. Count on the experienced team of The Rauser Agency to help you select the right insurance products for today, and for tomorrow.