Employee Benefits

Insurance plans for small businessesWe’ll protect the health of your bottom line, too.

You’re looking after your employees by providing health insurance. But who’s looking after the health of your business? The unfortunate truth is that the typical business executive has little time to spend on benefits plans that can cost many thousands of dollars. Let The Rauser Agency act as your benefits manager instead. We’ll design benefits packages to keep your people, and your profits, healthy. With today’s mandates and regulations, insurance is simply too complex to handle without expert advice. Turn to The Rauser Agency, and take off at least one of those many hats you wear.

Group health insurance.

Did you know that in Wisconsin 90% of all businesses have fewer than 50 employees? And not coincidentally, in the world of health insurance, employer groups with between two and 50 employees cannot be turned down for coverage? The Rauser Agency has a special affinity for these “small groups.” As designated agents of the MMAC, WMC and Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee we have access to very specific product offerings designed for small business.

That is not to say we do not work with larger employers. We are just as experienced in fully-insured and partially self-funded health plans for larger businesses, and welcome your inquiries.

Voluntary benefits.


As soaring health insurance premiums force employers to scale back benefits, we have seen growing interest in offering employees the opportunity to pick and choose voluntary benefits to fill in coverage gaps. Such plans are particularly helpful in this economy where salary cuts and tight budgets make any out-of-pocket exposure an even greater challenge. The lines of coverage we offer include:

  • Accident plans
  • Critical illness plans
  • Hospital indemnity plans
  • Vision plans
  • Dental plans
  • Short-term disability

Communication is the key to successfully implementing voluntary benefits. How do you make sure each employee’s needs are being met without overwhelming them with choices? The Rauser Agency works with multiple specialists in voluntary benefits, and would welcome the opportunity to design a package for your company.