Dental Plans

Examining mouthBrush up on your options.

Surveys confirm employees consider dental coverage a key component of their benefits package. Insurers now offer multiple coverage options down to groups of only two employees; they can be employer paid or voluntary.

For groups with as few as 25 lives we often recommend self-funding dental coverage. Unlike health insurance, dental claims are far more predictable; and with prescribed annual limits, employers who self-fund dental will not experience catastrophic claims. A dental administrator charges only four to five dollars per month for each covered life—plus claims, of course—so a self-funded dental plan can be expected to save 15% or more over the cost of a fully insured plan.

We’ve noticed many employers have their medical and dental coverage with the same insurer. Sometimes the single billing results in a modest premium discount. Sometimes it simplifies HR administration. More likely however it simplifies life for the broker and may be a by-product of their bonus and incentive arrangements. At The Rauser Agency you’ll always get a complete review of the marketplace as well as full disclosure of our compensation arrangements.

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