Disability Income Insurance

IRauser_disability_insurancet’s a matter of good policy.

It is a disturbing fact that both employers and workers often do not consider disability coverage until it is too late. A working individual faces a debilitating injury or illness without an income insurance plan to replace lost wages. Or an employer confronts a disability situation without having a policy for managing such contingencies.

It’s hard on everyone when an employee is out of work. It is far more difficult if there have been no insurance plans or well established and communicated procedures for such occurrences. The Rauser Agency will work with individuals and employers alike to provide coverage in case of disability. We’ll help companies set firm guidelines, consistent with employment laws, and recommend short or long term disability income insurance plans to supplant the lost income. When the employer cannot afford to sponsor a disability plan, we have voluntary plans individuals may elect as needed.

Short term disability plans pay flat weekly benefits for 13 or 26 weeks after waiting periods of less than two weeks; long term disability plans often sync with the short term coverage beginning after 90 or 180 days and paying out benefits to age 65 based on earned income.

Disability is unpleasant to contemplate. But the absence of disability planning can make the consequences much more distressing. For more information phone 414-276-2700 or click here for additional detail on disability income plans.