Life Insurance

A vital part of personal and business planning.

Rauser_life_insurance_plansThere is good news on the insurance front: life insurance may be more affordable than ever. It’s the result of a little-known fact about insurance premiums. Until recently, insurers continued to use 1980 mortality tables in calculating premiums, even though modern medicine over the years has greatly extended lifetimes. With more current statistical information now in use, many premiums have dropped.

Whatever you need in life insurance, The Rauser Agency can help with plans, including:

  • Group or individual coverage
  • Employer paid or voluntary
  • Business Plans (e.g., key man/stock redemption)
  • Personal/estate planning.

Life insurance continues to be a key component of personal and business planning. As your career and family grow or your business prospers, it may also be a good idea to add to existing coverage. One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “How much life insurance should I own?” You may explore different scenarios for yourself at The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education website. Be sure to call us (414-276-2700) or click here for a personalized proposal.