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Tip 102- ‘Immunizing’ You HSA From The Flu


  • Cost of an office visit to see your primary care physician: $68 (1)
  • Cost of a walk in clinic: $79
  • Cost of a two or three hour emergency room visit: $462 (1)
  • Cost of a common prescription drug such as Tamiflu: $ 106.20 (2)
  • Cost of the flu vaccine: $29 (No, it’s not too late and your health plan will probably
    reimburse you.)

Or, you could wash your hands five times a day and reduce your risk of getting the flu by
50%. (3) What does a bar of soap cost, anyway?
(1) Source: The HealthCare Blue Book
(2) Source: GoodRx.com
(3) Source: Center for Disease Control