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Tip 104- My Dentist Might Like This One!

We all know the connection between good oral health and overall health.
Or do we?

I’ve just read a statistic reported by The Journal of The American Dental Association; incomes of
the 170,700 dentists in the United States dropped from $217,850 in 2005 to $192,680 in 2009.
Fewer visits per patient were cited as one cause.

Then I read this from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the nation’s 655,900 insurance brokers and
agents earned on average $54,475 last year.

No cost, comprehensive semi‐annual preventive visits are a standard feature of dental plans
with premiums of only about $30/month.

Maybe if my peers did a better job of educating our clients on how regular dental care can
lower health insurance premiums, agents and dentists would have a better year in 2013!