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Tip 138- Open For Business–Part 2 Of 2

The “Marketplace” debut last week included the predicted “glitches.” Not to worry. There’s plenty of time before the December 15th open enrollment deadline.

More troubling perhaps is the dizzying array of options at the on line “Marketplace.”

Consider for example, that the difference in the deductible and other out of pocket costs of a Platinum Plan may be more than offset by the premium savings of a Bronze HSA Plan. Wouldn’t you rather bank that savings?

The vision of buying insurance on line presumes individuals move away from the decades old practice of buying insurance through their employer. But a consumer-centric model requires information.

So, insurers are piloting retail insurance “stores” to meet that need. Unitedhealthcare has one such outlet at the Regency Mall in Racine.

We like that idea a lot. So much so, that – like the ACA Marketplace – our two “stores” open for business this month.

(Yes, just this once, that’s a plug!!)