30 Second Insurance Tips©

Tip 175- “Sing A Song Of Sixpence”

I met this week with a business owner approaching Medicare eligibility. Among other things, she wanted me to review a small mountain of Medicare Supplement brochures.

(Somehow, the whole world knows when you are reaching age 65. Don’t be surprised if Marlin Perkins shows up at your door. That’s a reference no GenX’er could possibly understand! But I digress.)

After telling her which product I liked, she told me a sales representative from that carrier had been calling her often and advised her not to buy from an agent like me because “I would get a commission.” The clear implication; that there are two sets of rates and buying direct from the carrier would be cheaper.


Premiums for individual and small group health insurance products – whether on or off The Marketplace, with or without an agent – include commissions, which are baked into the rate- book pie.

Instead of “four and twenty blackbirds,” you get the expert services of an independent consultant.