30 Second Insurance Tips©

Tip 18- Feel The Burn

Here’s a healthy little insurance “exercise”.

Step 1: Take your health plan ID card out of your wallet or handbag. (If you can’t find it, log on
to your insurer’s website and print a new one.)

Step 2: Read It.

Your card has all sorts of useful information. Besides the basics, like your name and
membership information, you can find:

‐ Directions on what to do in advance of any surgeries or hospitalizations. Remember:
“Failure to pre‐certify may result in reduced benefits.”
‐ A ‘Nurse Line’ phone number to call when you can’t find your doctor or, as an alternative to
rushing off to the Emergency Room
‐ How to obtain confidential services for substance abuse or mental health treatment

Step 3: Relax.

Because now you know just how valuable that little card can be.