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Tip 188- World Polio Day Is October 24th

This one’s for you, L.S.

In 1985, Rotary International embarked on a seemingly impossible mission to immunize every child under age five against this crippling disease. Despite long odds, Rotary’s Polio Plus Program is on track to achieve full eradication by 2018.

Right now, there are only a few hundred cases of polio reported each year and just three remaining endemic countries.

In the many years I’ve been a Rotarian, I’ve never been more proud to lend my support. I’d ask you to consider joining me this week by going to www.endpolionow.org to learn more. (Or, click on Donate.) The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will make a two-to-one match.

I know this request doesn’t fit the usual Tip format. But ‘insuring’ a world without polio makes the last 187 Tips seem trite!

Please join me. And, thanks.