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Tip 191- Election Results And The ACA

Thank goodness we’re done with the campaigning for a while. But now that the elections are behind us, business owners and consumers are wondering if the Republican’s total control of Congress will lead to changes in The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

And there was also news this week that The Supreme Court will hear a case involving the legality of the Federally Facilitated Exchange (Marketplace) tax subsidies.

So, here’s a 30 Second reading of the tea leaves.

Repeal of The ACA is out of the question. Pragmatism will replace bombast. Expect just one or two laser like edits to the law; e.g., a change in the definition of full time employee from 30 to 35 hours per week. That would be huge!

As for the Supremes, didn’t Chief Justice Roberts already rule that the pure language of the law is malleable? I’m certainly no lawyer, but I’d expect another 5-4 decision to uphold.

Bottom line: depending on your point of view, plan around or take advantage of The ACA. Doing nothing isn’t an option.