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Tip 200- Food for Thought

It seems like I ought to have something especially pithy for my 200th Tip; that is, after all, sort of a milestone.

Then fate stepped in to help.

My flu last week morphed into pneumonia. I ended up in the ER and then spent two days in the hospital. (First time since a tonsillectomy at age 8. Not a bad run!!)

The experience has me rethinking two insurance tenets that have been the topic of past Tips.

Avoid the ER at all costs? Not when your body (and your wife) are telling you the obvious. I think prompt in patient care saved more than just a whole bunch of money. Another day or two of bed rest and Tamiflu could have been very costly!

In the week before I sought acute care, I saw my independent PCP three times. Within the limitations of his practice, he did everything right. But I needed lab work and chest X-rays and more. In short, I needed all the resources of a larger integrated care system.

For anyone reading this Tip, how, when and where you seek care is a nuanced and personal decision. My experience may help.

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