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Tip 211- Shopping for a New Doctor

In a recent Tip, I indicated I was rethinking the value of integrated care. Shopping for a new doctor however, has proven to be problematic, at best.

On the front page of this morning’s paper, there is this article about a new website that might help.

Created by the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO), MyHealthWisconsin.org rates clinics throughout Wisconsin on two levels; “provides the recommended care for your healthcare issue at the right time” and, “makes good use of your healthcare dollars.”

I’d recommend you spend a little time navigating this site. You may be surprised by some of the ratings. I think you’ll also find the tips at the ‘Consumer Resources’ tab very useful. (I’m a big fan of ‘Tips!’)

As the Journal Sentinel article points out, there are daunting obstacles to compiling this information. And, what has been posted so far is incomplete.

Still, it’s a start.

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