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Tip 213- Some Dental Costs

At a recent gathering, a friend said to me that “buying dental insurance is a bad bet.” Really?

There are lots of dental cost estimators on line these days. Pulling numbers from one such site, I see the cost for a routine exam is about $80 and a cleaning, another $85. Add in a set of X- Rays at about $136, and your annual cost for preventive care totals $466.

Those same services are paid at 100% (no deductible, no co-pays) under a dental plan we recently sold; it has a monthly premium of $42.66, or $511.92 per year.

So, you basically break even if you’re lucky enough to only need recommended preventive care each year.

Throw in a filling ($155) or a crown ($1127) and you’d be spending your insurer’s money. But only if you took that “bad bet!”

P.S. From The American Dental Association, check out here nine foods that can damage your teeth. One or two might surprise you.

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