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Tip 218- Narrow Networks

When buying a health insurance plan, a key consideration is the number of hospitals, clinics and physicians that are included in the insurer’s network, frequently referred to as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

Health care that is integrated within one health system is arguably more efficient and results in lower costs. So, plans that allow members to go just about anywhere – broad networks – are typically about 15-18% more expensive than plans that limit choice.

In a large swath of eastern Wisconsin, there are two “narrow” networks insurers are using to offer lower priced options:

  •  The Integrated Health Network. (Click here for details from their website.)
  •  About Health. (Read more at this link.)Note when selecting such a plan, if there is any out of network coverage (like the old HMOs) or, if out of network coverage is limited to the in network negotiated rates.

    Note also if the decision about network is made by the employer or the individual.

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