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Tip 223- Scotus And The ACA – Round Two

Thursday morning The Supreme Court announced its decision in King v. Burwell; the health insurance premium subsidies available through the federal Marketplace are legal.

In the wake of the news, there was a flurry of commentary. One reporter even found me. (Hint: smarter resources were out golfing!) Part of what I had to say can be found at this link.

I’d add this.

The idea of premium subsidies in the form of advance refundable tax credits was first advanced by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. John McCain embraced the concept as part of his campaign for President in 2008. In short, by paying on average 70% of premiums for individuals with incomes between 100% – 400% of federal poverty levels, subsidies have been a blessing for literally millions.

For individuals not eligible for subsidies and for the millions who get their coverage through their employer, The Affordable Care Act has had mixed results.

You might say, the jury is still out!

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