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Tip 225- David and Goliath

There have been rumors circulating for months that health insurance giants were exploring various acquisitions. Then last week, we learned Aetna had an accepted offer to buy rival Humana.

If the health insurance ID card in your wallet has the Humana logo, what does this mean for you?

Local Humana representatives reminded me it’s likely to be many months – maybe a year – before this deal closes, pending (probable) regulatory approval. Combine that with the fact Aetna doesn’t have much of a presence in SE Wisconsin, short term, I wouldn’t expect much change.

Long term however, the trend toward consolidation has growing momentum, not just with health insurers, but providers. Just recently (Tip #218), I wrote about the collaboration between health systems, most notably About Health and the Integrated Health Network.

So, is big better?
Local and state based insurers will speak to being more nimble and responsive. The ‘Bigs’ claim

better negotiating clout and superior technology.

Helping you figure it all out, as always, will be your responsive, nimble and (dare I say) smart broker!

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