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Tip 226- The Words They Use Matter

You’ve seen the ads where the narrator asks, “What’s in your wallet?” I have a better question; “What’s in your medical record?”

If the purchase of life insurance or long term care is something you might consider in the future (things change – you never know), expect the application for coverage to trigger a request for your medical records.

And, what’s in those records may result in a declination or rate-up over standard premiums.

In a routine colonoscopy, often diverticula are spotted. Not a big deal. Eat more fiber. But if the doctor casually makes note of the possibility of diverticulosis, that’s another matter.

Say you’re on a statin. (Seems like everyone is.) Why? Does your doctor note the prescription as a preventive for hyperlipidemia or treatment for atherosclerosis? Big difference.

When you are with your doctor, listen to the words he/she uses. And, don’t be afraid to speak up if you think your records aren’t being accurately portrayed.

P.S. “How long have you had this office?” That’s the question I hear more frequently these days when friends and clients discover our “store” in The Mequon Pavilions Shopping Center (here). As much as I like our downtown office, my desk is in Mequon. And we have Saturday hours. Need help with your insurance? You can always call, but a visit might be more fun

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