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Tip 230- Not All Hospitals Are Created Equal

Several months ago, I wrote in Tip # 211 about a website (MyHealthWisconsin.org) that helps evaluate physicians and clinics. At the time, I was “shopping” for a new doctor.

This week, I had occasion to visit a patient at the UW Hospital in Madison.
OMG! I can’t even begin to describe the enormity of this complex. To give you an idea, on the

way out, I got lost. After almost an hour (!), an employee drove me to my car.

That got me to thinking. How can a smaller, local hospital compete with facilities like this; or, is size alone, an indicator of quality? Coincidentally, the best hospitals in Wisconsin – as ranked by U.S. News & World Report – are also the largest. Check those out here.

Here’s another resource; Medicare’s “Guide to Choosing a Hospital.” Read it at this link. Make sure to note on page 9 the reference to their “Hospital Compare Web tool.” (You’ll have to find and access that site on your own.)

Since your premiums build hospitals, you might want to figure out where to get the best ROI.

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