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Tip 236- Choosing Wisely

When a health insurance company tells you a medical procedure is unnecessary or, that you need a second opinion, what’s your reaction? In many cases, it might be something like this: “I think they’re just trying to pad profits at the expense of my health.”

But what if the same advice came from the American Board of Internal Medicine; i.e., a whole bunch of highly respected doctors.

At a health care confab this week I learned about “Choosing Wisely, An Initiative of the ABIM Foundation.” Would it surprise you to know there are dozens of “commonly used tests and procedures whose necessity should be questioned and discussed?”

The ABMI’s “Patient Friendly Resources” list can be found here.
Warning: there are no less than ten pages to click through. It’ll take more than 30 seconds.

Do it. Especially if you’re unsure about your own doctor’s treatment plan, which may just be on this list!

Then, have that “discussion” with your doctor