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Tip 240- Let The Shopping Begin

If you’re not covered by an employer sponsored group health plan, chances are you’re anxiously waiting to see what individually owned insurance options will be open to you for 2016.Wait no more.

Since the Open Enrollment Period has now started, you can see rates at the HealthCare.gov website. Browse plans without logging in; just answer some basic questions (age, zip code, income) to view an array of options. I like the feature that allows you to see total costs (premiums plus deductibles, co-pays, etc.) based on your expected use of medical services (low/medium/high).

Note that, depending on your household income, you may not be eligible for premium tax credits. In that case, you’ll have more options off the marketplace. Where can you find those?

Hats off to the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance for producing an interactive web page that allows you to quickly see – county by county – the insurers offering coverage both on and off the Marketplace. Here’s the link to the OCI map; pretty cool, actually. (Although, I’m easily amused!)

No doubt only an insurance agent would find all this interesting. Or, easy to decipher. That’s a hint.