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Tip 242- Timing Dental Services

Carol is contemplating retirement in March. We’ve visited to do some pre-planning for the transition from her employer’s health and dental plans to her own coverage.During the course of that discussion, we learned she was putting off needed dental work for spring, when she’d have more time on her hands. That could be a costly delay, for a couple of reasons.

First, the individual dental plan we might sell her after retirement, would likely contain a one year wait before major services are covered (usually, at 50%).

Beyond that, Carol’s employer sponsored dental plan has a (typical) coverage limit of $1,500 of paid claims per calendar year. If Carol scheduled some of her dental work before the end of 2015, and the rest after January 1st – but before she retires – she’d maximize her benefits under the group plan.

Then, when her new individual policy kicks in, she’d have a fresh ‘bank’ of money for routine services for the remainder of 2016.

Pretty neat how a little planning pays dividends!