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Tip 246- You’ve Got Mail Redux

Borrowing from a popular movie title, I wrote Tip #111 – “You’ve Got Mail” – back in March of 2013. (Sometimes I’m a little floored by how long I’ve been doing these!)Anyway, this topic is on my mind again because over the next couple of weeks most of you will be getting new ID cards from your health insurers. I say “most,” given how many people we helped find new plans during the Open Enrollment Period (OEP).

Know this; ID cards often arrive in unmarked envelopes. What might appear to be junk mail could be an important ‘Welcome” letter from your new health insurer.

Heck! If you can read Cousin Emily’s holiday missive about her bratty kids and three-legged dog, surely you can manage to open the rest of your mail. Have an Egg Nog with a sprinkle of nutmeg and Early Times. It’ll make the whole ordeal a little less painful!

And, have a Blessed Christmas!

P.S. We’ve had many calls from individuals who bought coverage at HealthCare.gov but now aren’t certain they made the right choice. The OEP continues through January, so it’s not too late to work with a marketplace certified agent to make a new selection for February 1.