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Tip 247- New Coverage But No ID Card

With so many employers and individuals making year end changes to their health plans, we’re anticipating many consumers will be without new ID cards until well after January 1st. Providers trying to verify coverage, may not find you in your insurer’s on line database.Frustrating as this can be, pharmacies, clinics and even hospital emergency rooms are usually very accommodating. That’s because they go through this every year!

For example, if you’re a loyal customer, expect your pharmacist to dispense your medication but set aside the paperwork for several days until your member number shows up in the system.

If you already have a doctor visit scheduled early in the month, try and get your new group number from your HR department. Otherwise, call and let them know you’ve changed insurers.

And when the new ID cards finally do arrive, make sure to get copies to everyone promptly.

There’s one other avenue for assistance. Unless however, you were silly enough to buy your new plan without the help of an agent!