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Tip 256- Tremendous Resource

OK. I’ll keep this short, since I’m going to send you to a 72 page document. (Sorry, but it’s worth it!)

Despite our best efforts, we’ll never to be able to insure everyone. And, for many who have coverage, high deductibles and other out of pocket expenses are a financial burden.

To the rescue: the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership’s SAFETY NET CLINIC 2015 Referral Directory. Quoting from a MHCP email yesterday, “this comprehensive inventory contains essential information about 63 primary care, dental, mental health and specialty clinics in Milwaukee County that serve uninsured and low-income patients.  It provides a variety of information about each safety net clinic – including location, hours, payment practices, languages spoken, and types of clinical services and screenings offered.”

Employers, HR Managers and anyone else who knows people struggling with health care costs, should have a copy of this Directory on hand. We will here at The Rauser Agency.

And now, you can, too.

Thanks to those mentioned on page 72 for making this possible. (Made you look!)