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Tip 258- The Best PBM

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are employed by health insurers to make sure their members have access to the most appropriate and affordable prescription drugs. Some insurers employ their own PBMs while others outsource this function.

I write about this because last week news broke that one large health insurer is suing their PBM, alleging consumers are being overcharged for many prescriptions.

Here’s yet another reminder about what to do when starting on a new medication.

There are pros and cons to almost every drug. Discuss those carefully with your doctor. Then, ask about generic and or lower cost options. Have the same conversation with your pharmacist. Yes, you might get an entirely different opinion. Why might that happen?!

One lawsuit shouldn’t impugn an entire system. Still, it makes you wonder.

In the end, the best PBM could be YOU!