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Tip 259- Health Insurance While Traveling

Planning a special trip? What if you get sick; will your health plan cover claims overseas?

Well, it depends.

Most health insurers cover emergencies, no matter where they occur. Consider however, what is an emergency. A heart attack? Probably. A bad case of the flu? Probably not.

And don’t expect an overseas hospital to know how to bill your domestic insurer. Instead, you’ll pay for the charges and hope to be reimbursed when you return.

The best advice is to carefully check the coverage provided by your health plan. If limited, consider supplemental coverage. A typical travel insurance plan might cover medical evacuations and routine services, such as office visits. And, provide access to English-speaking doctors and hospitals that accept payment from the insurer.

Cost? A plan for me with a $500 deductible and a $100,000 medical limit costs $121.79, presuming a 21 day trip to France. Quote your own plan at this insurer’s (not an endorsement) website.

Now I just have to convince my wife I’m not going to France!