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Tip 268 – Virtual Doctor Visits

A trip to the emergency room or urgent care can be costly. Putting off treatment for an injury or illness while waiting for a doctor’s appointment might end up being even more costly!

That is why most health plans have started offering telemedicine or virtual office visits.

These services go by names like “Doctor on Demand,” or “Teladoc ®” depending on the insurer.Typically have 24/7 access to board certified physicians within minutes by phone, computer or via mobile app.

Telemedicine doctors can help diagnose and treat – for example – colds, sore throat, and flu symptoms; allergies and sinus infections; ear and eye problems; and, some skin conditions.

Whether on a business trip, vacation or just too busy to take off from work, virtual doctor visits save time and money. In most cases you are charged the normal office visit copay and the results can be shared with your primary care physician.

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