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Tip 269 – Helpful or Hogwash

We all use the internet to do basic research. Often, when preparing these Tips, I’ll ‘Google’ to see what others are saying about the topic I have in mind.

Today I stumbled across a website purporting to tell consumers how health insurers routinely cheat their policyholders to pad profits. The article had to have been posted before the passage of health reform; the premise is hogwash.

That led me to Google similar topics. It’s amazing how many seemingly reputable web sites tell of “tricks” insurers play to deny claims.

Look. I’m not a shill for our carriers. But let’s get real; health/auto/homeowner/life insurance companies are simply not scheming to find ever more creative ways to deny claims.

Are there websites offering valuable advice? Sure. A Consumer Reports article entitled “How to use your health insurance” is worth checking out at this link. And, there are others.

So, where do you turn to decipher if what you’re reading on the internet is helpful or hogwash?

Hopefully, you’d think of your agent!