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Tip #274- Can You Control Your Health Care Costs?

Most health insurance plans have a deductible, co-pays and coinsurance. These add up to annual Out of Pocket (OOP) limits for covered services, generally capped at $6,850 for 2016.* (The OOP for Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans vary under a different set of rules.)

Since premiums for healthy and not so healthy individuals are the same, the best way to lower your health care costs is to manage your OOP expenses.
And the best way to do that? Preventive care.
I had a dental exam in June and my annual physical this week. How about you; are you keeping up with your exams? If so, you probably heard this from your dentist: “Floss.” And this from your doctor: “Exercise and lose 10 pounds.”
Consider, they’re basically handing you six grand!
*Click here for a quick review of how health insurance OOP expenses are calculated.