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Tip # 276- Is This Hospital Ranking Season?

Apparently mid-summer is the time for hospital rankings to be updated.
News this week circulated of updates to Medicare’s hospital rankings. Just 6 of 127 hospitals in Wisconsin got the highest five star rating; one in Milwaukee (the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin in Glendale). On average, Wisconsin (at 3.65) outperformed the national average (3.05). Check out your hospital’s star rating here.
On August 1st, U.S News & World Report released its annual nationwide hospital rankings. A review by specialty – ranging from cancer and cardiology to urology – can be seen at this link. After spending a fair amount of time on this site, I’m struck by one thing; how about you? Hint: what don’t you see?
While it’s clear every hospital and clinic is working hard to produce the best possible outcomes, it seems just as clear some hospitals are consistently doing better than others.
So, consider carefully your health insurer’s network when buying coverage.