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Tip #279- What Does Your Doctor Charge?

Take a look at these prices for treatment of a variety of conditions:
  • Pancreatitis $1,220
  • Gall bladder surgery $1,975
  • Pneumonia $730
  • Cataracts $2,525
  • Fracture of femur with pins/wires/screws $1,995
Where on earth can you get such deals? Here’s a clue.The surgical charge for removing a foreign object from ‘your’ intestine would be about $1,605.
Fortunately, not many of us ingest foreign objects. But our pets do!
Yup. (Or should I say Yip?) These are the payments from the benefit schedule of the nation’s largest pet insurer. And, unless your vet is in Beverly Hills or The Hamptons, they pretty much cover all of the costs.
It’s why the average monthly premium for Fido is around $40, not the $489 (single coverage) we lucky humans get to pay! (Source: KFF State Health Facts)
Shameless plug: Pet insurance – one of the fastest growing employee benefits – is now being offered at The Rauser Agency. It’s available at our ‘stores’, too.