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Tip #284- Consulting My Crystal Ball

In 90 minutes of “debate” Monday night, health care was never mentioned. Did you notice?
So, here’s an Insurance Tip. Sort of.
When the topic comes up in subsequent debates, as I’m sure it will, leave the room. You’ll have more ‘fun’ changing your furnace filters . . . . or the cat litter!
Here’s why.
No matter what happens November 8th, I’d predict The Affordable Care Act is here to stay. Imperfect as it is, few can argue it hasn’t enhanced access to health care.
And then there’s this; a report yesterday that our local health care co-operative has received an infusion of additional capital allowing it to remain viable for the 2017 Open Enrollment Period. Despite the fact that a couple of insurers have pulled out of the individual market for 2017 (they’ll be back), there are also new entrants.  And, a reasonable amount of choice.
This tells me health insurance markets will stabilize and costs will settle.
And, it will not be due to anything said by any politician.