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Tip #288- OEP 2017; What Are Your Options?

The 2017 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) begins Tuesday, November 1st and runs through January. This is when individuals who do not get health insurance through an employer – and are not Medicare eligible – have the opportunity to buy or change coverage without regard to pre-existing conditions.
To have new coverage effective January 1st, applications must be submitted by December 15th.
Much has been written of the exit of certain insurers from this market, but Wisconsin consumers still have multiple – even new – options. A county by county guide has been updated by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance; click here to view.
Are premiums up? Yes. In general, if you qualify for subsidies, coverage is still quite “affordable.” If you’re paying full price, you’re lamenting the demise of HIRSP, Wisconsin’s safety net pre-ACA.
But things could be worse. The Kaiser Family Foundation has created two charts showing the cost of coverage and the number of insurers in every state. Here’s a link; make sure to notice what’s going on in Phoenix, Minneapolis or Birmingham. Ugh!
BTW, a bipartisan ‘fix’ to this could happen without years of debate.  More on that after the 8th.