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Tip #293- Enrollment Deadline Extended



Yesterday was the last day for most individuals to buy or change health plans; i.e., if you wanted new coverage to start January 1st, your application needed to be done on December 15th.


Except, early this morning, Healthcare.gov announced an extension to the deadline through Monday, the 19th. Read the announcement at this link.


If you have coverage that isn’t being renewed in 2016, for example, your insurer is leaving the market altogether, that triggers something called a Special Election Period (SEP). For coverage starting January 1, the SEP deadline is the end of the month. (Please, don’t wait until then!)


Finally, the OEP actually runs into January for those who would be content with a February 1 effective date.


Confused? For more details about “dates and deadlines,” click here


P.S. I know. I know. I missed a week. Thanks for noticing. Back on schedule Sunday night.