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Tip #300- 312 Weeks! But Who’s Counting?

The first 30 Second Insurance Tip was ‘published’ on January 23rd, 2011. When you hit a milestone – like Tip # 300 – it’s hard not to take a look in the rear view mirror.
Often based on first hand experiences in the field, I re-read Tip # 17 and thought about how inspiring our clients can be.
My favorite Tip? I can’t help but recall this one: “A Pool Is a Pool Is a Pool.” Could it be that the architects of health reform have changed? But, are they still missing the point; i.e., premiums are high because the cost of health care is high.
I try to bring a little humor to my Tips. Like this one. OK, I’ll keep my day job!
Thanks for letting me reminisce. And for reading these Tips for so many years. Special thanks to loyal reader Ted, who often forwards the Tip to literally dozens of his friends and co-workers; last week alone, to 79 others. You da’ man!
So here’s to ‘30 Second Insurance Tip’ # 300. God willing, there will be hundreds more.
Did you know, each week we archive (here) the last ten or so Tips on a rolling basis. If like Ted, you think they’re worth sharing, pass them on. Better yet, encourage your friends to ‘subscribe’ at this link. Again, thanks.