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Tip #302- Would You Rather Be A Doctor Or A Vet?

Last week I wrote about Medicare reimbursement rates for an office visit; I cited one example where a doctor billed $235 and Medicare allowed just $60.08. (Who came up with the 8 cents?!)
While writing that Tip, I had a call from my wife that our cat needed to go to the vet. Right away!
On a Saturday morning at 9:30, I got an appointment at 11:30. That by itself is noteworthy. In similar circumstances, we two legged creatures end up in the ER. Want to see some mind-boggling numbers on ER overuse? Click here.
But, I digress.
Abby (the cat) and I were with the vet for 30 minutes. Here are the charges:  $54 OV exam + $64 ear clean & treatment + $ 42.30 drops + $ 0 “courtesy” nail trim. Total: $160.30.
No third party “negotiated” discounts. Payment required at time of service. It’s up to the patient – well, I mean the patient’s owner – to collect from the pet insurer. (if you have one.) Oh, and Abby got a toy!
So, who would you rather be; the doctor or the vet?
(That may be another rhetorical question.)