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Tip #303- What Is a COBRA Initial Notice?

Eric had chronic severe health issues that compromised his ability to work. In November of 2015 he quit his job.
Shortly thereafter, his former employer’s COBRA administrator mailed him an Election Noticegiving him and his wife the opportunity to continue coverage under their group plan.
Last fall, Eric qualified for Social Security disability benefits. In such case, Eric’s COBRA eligibility could be extended from the original 18 months to 29 months, but only if Eric notified his former employer within 60 days of his SSA disability determination.
How would Eric know this?
It is one of several rights and requirements spelled out in a COBRA Initial Notice that his employer provided when he was first hired and became eligible for the group health plan.
If you’re an individual reading this Tip, I’d recommend finding that document and reviewingyour responsibilities under COBRA.
If you’re an employer with more than 20 employees, I’d recommend a review of COBRA rules at this link. Ahem; are you in compliance?
P.S. It’s that time of year again when individuals are wondering how to report to IRS they had health insurance in 2016. Please revisit Tip #250 that discussed Form 1095.