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Tip #307- What Is An In-Force Ledger?

“Insuring Your Fiscal Fitness” – our company’s tag line – isn’t exclusively dependent on your health insurance.
Let’s take a (half) minute to discuss the ‘health’ of your cash value life insurance policy, should you own one. (Might that turn of phrase also be a rhetorical question?)
The slow recovery from the recession of 2008 and in particular, low interest rates, have had a profound impact on the performance of life insurance companies and the policies they underwrite. (Learn more by simply Googling “Too Big to Fail.”)
An In Force Ledger will show you how your policy is performing based on both current and guaranteed interest rates.  It could show that your coverage may lapse at some future date unless you increase premiums, reduce the death benefit or some combination of both.
Checking on the performance of life insurance intended to be permanently in force, should be as routine as your annual physical.