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Tip #310- Want To Lose Your Home?

On December 20th, ‘Dale’ came home from a European sightseeing trip – lots of walking tours – with a blister on his foot.  48 hours later, a flesh eating bacteria crept up his leg resulting in septic shock.
Long story short. After two surgeries, Dale’s limb was saved. Not however without three agonizing months bedridden connected to a wound vacuum following bovine collagen skin grafts. And, two hours every day in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to speed the healing.
The result? Miraculous. The cost? You don’t want to know!
Coincidentally, I had a call this week from a policyholder thinking about dropping his coverage. Having read that the Trump administration has instructed IRS not to enforce the individual mandate, why pay for expensive insurance when he never sees a doctor?
First, at this link, please read the IRS’ instructions to tax preparation professionals as to how to interpret the January 20th “executive order.”  The ACA individual mandate is not dead.
Second, without health insurance, I’d wager ‘Dale’s’ horrific episode might have cost him his home; i.e., bankruptcy. Or, his life!
“Nuff said.”