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Tip #311- What If They Fall Off The Ball?

How much time do you spend at your desk?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports software developers spend 90% of their day sitting; accountants 81%; insurance agents 80% (wait, aren’t they supposed to be out pounding the pavement?); lawyers and HR managers, 75%.
Well, you get the idea.
Quoting from the World Health Organization, 13% of us are obese; 40% overweight; “sitting is the new smoking!”
Not surprisingly, some employers are exploring workstation tools to encourage activity during the day.
Sitting on an exercise ball is said to promote core muscle building.
According to one study, desks that transition from seated to standing positions result in 46% more productive employees.
There are even stationary bike and treadmill workstations.
But, what about safety risks and the potential for workers comp claims?
Employer provided active workstations need to be carefully considered.