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Tip #313- Goal Reached. Now What?

Interesting week with a few surprises that got me off my routine. Thus, this Tip is late.
(How nice when my regulars ask if everything is OK. Thanks.)
Last August I was introduced to a nutritionist who set me on a path to lose 30 pounds. The road map was simple; limit myself to 1600 calories a day, consisting of more protein and far less sugar. Simple as it sounds; the formula won’t work for everyone.
This week, I reached my goal.
What does this have to do with health insurance?
Wellness plans are no guarantee of lower premiums, especially in fully insured small group plans where claims are simply pooled.
Sill, I’m far less likely to incur a high deductible or drug co-pays with a personal focus on weight reduction.
I ask myself, what’s to be gained by challenging those who have tried unsuccessfully before to lose weight? Or, someone with a chronic condition?
Then I ask, what’s to be gained by not challenging you?
If you want to learn more, I’m around. (Or should I say, a little less-around!)