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Tip #315- What Is Your Out Of Network Coverage?

Most health plans negotiate discounted fees from providers. Think of the statements you get from your insurer following a health care encounter; they’re called EOBs, which stands for Explanation of Benefits.
On an EOB, you might see a routine doctor visit discounted from $185 to $120. Or, an outpatient surgery, from $13,500 to $7,488. One more example; repair of a brain aneurysm, from $94,000 to $50,567.
If services are performed by an out of network provider, in most cases your health plan will only pay the in network discounted amount.
This week I spoke with a client who is frustrated with the level of care she is getting locally. She wants to go to an out of state (i.e., out of network) provider.
I just wanted her – and you – to understand how much that could cost.
Note. There are exceptions to every rule. Those are best pursuedbefore the horse is out of the barn!
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