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Tip #317- Can You Tip The Scale In Your Favor?

In last week’s Tip I described how ‘self-funding’ has become a viable option even for smaller employer groups.
It’s a simple concept, actually. If you manage lower claims, you get a refund.
This would in part explain the growing popularity of wellness plans.
In a recent beneftisPro article, wellness industry expert Cherie Buraglio presents evidence that personalized coaching dramatically enhances wellness results. For example:
  • “after working with a health coach, 84% of employees reported improved productivity”
  • “employees enrolled in coaching saved an average of $586 per year on medical costs.”
The article is at this link. (Its’ a quick read!)
Recently, I wrote about my own weight loss. Guess what? I had a coach.
We’ve started collecting names of local wellness coaches. I’m surprised by their affordability.
Let me know if you have interest.
P.S. We have five openings for our first Educational Meeting on June 8th. Check it out and RSVP here. You know what they say; “snooze you lose!”