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Tip #322 – Why Have Dental And Vision Coverage?

Many people – more often than not men – will do almost anything to avoid going to a doctor. (If they even have one!)
On the other hand, we are far more likely to get a routine vision or dental exam.
The evidence is compelling that having vision and dental coverage lowers health care costs. Here are a couple of eye opening (or, jaw dropping) statistics:
  • 77% of patients who have a stroke also have high blood pressure, which often is first diagnosed during an eye exam
  • individuals with diabetes who treat their periodontal disease have 39% fewer hospital admissions
  • one person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day.
Note also premiums are affordable; for vision, ~ $7.00 per month for an individual; for dental, ~ $35.
So why not just embed comprehensive vision and dental coverage into every medical plan?
Makes a lot of cents to me.