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Tip #325- Why Did The Chicken Cross State Lines?

To peck some sense into the politician who told him health insurance would be cheaper on the other side!
When you try and sell (more) health (insurance) reform with nonsensical arguments, should we be surprised at the result? I’m referring of course, to this week’s failure of Republicans to repair The Affordable Care Act.
More sophistry: “Why does health insurance for a 62 year old male include maternity?”  (For the same reason a policy on a 29 year old woman covers Viagra.)
And so, we’ve reached an apparent impasse. People who get their health insurance through their employer are largely unaffected. So are those who are Medicare eligible.
Not so lucky are individuals shopping for coverage during this year’s Open Enrollment Period (November 1 through December 15th). Their choices for 1/1/2018 will be expensive and limited.
The shame is “repairs” have been proposed but, ignored!
This week – Thursday, August 3rd at Noon in our downtown office – we’ll be discussing health reform and real solutions. Learn more at this link. We’d love to see you there.