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Tip #326- Will Cooler Heads Prevail?

We’re getting lots of calls from individuals under age 65 who do not get coverage through an employer.
The seemingly endless drumbeat of bad news – insurers exiting the market (most recently Molina and Anthem) combined with reform gridlock – is certainly cause for concern.
Let’s sound a more optimistic note. (I’d tweet, if I knew how!)
As of today, it looks like there will still be three or more health insurers offering coverage in most Milwaukee area counties.
What about premiums; will they be off the charts?
The insurers planning to be in the market for 2018 have filed two sets of rates; with (+/-15%) and without (>25%) the “repair” of Obamacare. (Just guessing based off of more Kaiser data here. Note: Milwaukee will look more like Philadelphia than say, Denver.)
Polls however suggest growing pressure for “repair.”
If you’re really interested, read this report from my trade association.
Then, cross your fingers!
We are encouraging our clients and friends to check out this year’s shortened Open Enrollment Period dates (here) and start booking appointments with our agents.