30 Second Insurance Tips©

Tip 33- Prescription For Saving Time

I’ve taken the same dosage of the same drug for many years. Nothing changes except the cost. And, my medication is a generic, so the cost is pretty low.

Still, my health insurer requires me to refill every 30 days. That’s a nuisance. (Why do they do that? Hint: see Tip # 30. Still stumped? Email me.)

Many of us have tried our insurer’s mail‐order service. Usually you can get a 90 day supply. That’s better, but here’s another idea.

Go to https://www.bidrx.com/. Let someone else shop for you! I found I could buy a full year’s supply of medicine for 45% less than I would have paid over the next 12 months at the pharmacy.

Before you buy on‐line, check with your doctor. In my case, it was his idea!