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Tip #333- If You Build It, Will They Come?

Saturday morning I attended the grand opening of yet another health clinic just down the road. (How many clinics, surgical centers and hospitals do we need?)
This one has the usual waiting rooms, patient areas, lab and pharmacy.
But when you walk in the door, the first thing you’ll see is a sports training center complete with an indoor football field. Well, not an entire field; “just” 50 yards! Coupled with the orthopedic rehab areas (plural), it dwarfs most athletic clubs.
Who’s paying for all this?
The clinic is surrounded by a huge parking lot. Saturday morning, every space was full. Touring the facility were hundreds of people. I couldn’t begin to guess how many attended.
So, who’s paying for all this? Check your premium statements. We are.
We have a few spaces open for this fall’s last (one hour) Educational Forum, Thursday(the 12th) at Noon. The topic: Health Care Costs in Retirement. (Note to speaker: suggest deleting redundant sports club membership from retirement budget!) Call us to reserve your space: 414-276-2700.